Dr. Hal Weary brings a creative flair to his compositions and piano playing. He enjoys working and thinking across genres in music and disciplines in the arts, and has international experience as a performer and composer. His most recent orchestral composition, "Beyond the Eastern Shore" encompasses a pluralistically lyrical, rhythmic, and harmonically approachable style that intersects Western art music, Jazz and Popular music, and non-Western musics. In addition to having several decades of demonstrable success working in many different facets of the music industry, he has substantial and successful teaching experience in higher education instructing courses in music, music business, music technology, and the arts. Artistry, Industry, Technology, & Pedagogy: Entrepreneurial & Innovative artists, who possess creative expression, and advanced knowledge of music business and music technology increasingly, drive the music industry. It is essential for artists to develop an immense skill set and a diverse portfolio to thrive in the changing landscape of the 21st century and positively impact local and global communities. Dr. Weary earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s and a Doctorate in Music. He currently teaches Music Business at Wayne State University.